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They were on time and went right to work. They were very cheerful, knowledgeable and energetic. They more than satisfied my wife’s and my expectations. They did not miss a thing and took care of everything my bride asked them to do and went beyond that. My bride is very happy and the place looks and smells new. I'm afraid to go into my bathroom because it's so clean. I'm afraid to mess it up. In short VA PRO Cleaning did one heck of a great Job. Thank you, You are FANTASTIC.



They are always looking to accommodate me, and they are very quick, helpful and very consistent. They are the best cleaning company my mother and I have used. I really like them and they are very professional. I have recommended them to others, and I would continue to do that.



The maids were very thorough and attentive to detail. Thanks for doing an awesome job!



They did a great job! I have them coming every two weeks.